Us Doctors claim that they successfully treated a skin cancer patient with cloned cells from his own immune system. A 52 year old man was suffering from melanoma which was already advanced and in stage four.

The team of Doctors under Cassian Yee of Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle removed CD4+ T-cells, were modified and expanded in the bal and five billion cells were infused into the patient. The patient received no other kind of treatment.

two months later no tumors were found during scans. 'He has been cancer free' Yee said. 'But we need to confirm the effectiveness of therapy in a larger study' he continued.

This is the first ever cancer case to be treated with cloned cells form patient's own immune system.

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Russel Davies is an author. He was wondering whether there was a way of tracking Amazon rank of a particular book on Twitter as well as Email. He had to log into his Amazon account if he wants to check the rank of his book. He asked Adrian about it and he immediately built a brilliant thing called Booklert.

is a tool that tracks the Amazon rank of your own book or your favorite book and delivers the rank to your Email and most importantly, to your twitter account. It works like this:

Sign up at Booklert. After logging in, you are asked to search for a book. Enter the title, author name and ISBN (if you know.

I didn't know my book's ISBN) and choose the store where it is sold ( Amazon US or UK or France) from the dropdown box and hit search. The results of your search are shown below with a button 'track this book'. When you click that button you are taken to My Settings. Here you have to choose the way you want to track the book. If you want to track the book via Email or Twitter or both.

If you want the rank to be delivered to your Twitter account, enter your Twitter username and click save. Now go to Booklert page at Twitter and click 'follow'. You will get a message which contains a validation code. Enter that validation code on your settings page. Set the frequency of the alerts you wish to receive, hourly, daily or weekly and you are done. You will receive the ranking on your phone via Twitter and via email.

You can check the ranking along with graph from My Books page. You can even share your book's rank on your website also. Go to 'put your book's rank on your website' tab. If you are an Amazon affiliate, enter the ID or leave the field blank, copy the html code and paste it in your blog template or widget. You are done.

This is such a nice idea that is useful for not only authors themselves but also for their fans. You can track the rank of your favorite book and promote it as well. If you are an amazon affiliate, it provides you the chance to push the books that are more profitable for you. You can track as many books as you wish.

The Booklert Home Page displays a Weekly Chart of top Climbers or the ones that have been going down the rank. But the chart is limited to only 5 books each. There is no way to know about more books on the chart, not even from your account.

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Let me first thank my readers for visiting my blog. I would like to put forth a proposal about revamping my blog. My favourite is to share the websites I found on internet with my readers and my blog name partly justifies that truly. So the Websites section will remain as it is now. In fact that is the section which is getting me some readers too.

Internet has many things on it apart from wallpapers and videos. I want to remove these two sections from my blog and introduce some other sections in place of them. I have been very seriously thinking about it for the past few days.

But I thought it is not right for me to take the decision myself coz I am not writing this blog for myself. This is for my readers ! They are very important for me. So the right thing for me is to take the opinion of my readers before I actually decide on what sections to be introduced in stead of wallpapers and videos.

My vague idea is to introduce Tech News and news about Mobiles and their applications. I have not yet decided.

If you have any suggestions, please do so by leaving a comment or by mailing me. My email is at my Contact Page.

I will finally decide only after seeing your replies. The blog will run with the present sections until final decision is taken.

Please respond.

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Forex Trading is where one can make a fortune if he invests wisely. But how will one know to invest wisely? It needs lot of insight into the market trends and changes. If you want to learn by experience, you will definitely loose money.

The best way to learn the tactics of forex trading is to take a free online course. There are many websites that offer online training course in forex trading for a fees ranging from small to hefty fees. But there are also many websites that offer free forext trading courses and they are no meaner than the paid ones. is one website which offers excellent training on forex trading for free. The website is hosted by Dave waring who has been working in for several years.

The courses are divided into 7 categories as David's Courses, Trading Basics, Technical Analysis, fundaental Analysis, Forex Trading, Chart Patterns, Futures & Options and Trading Software. Each course is again divided into modules. Each moduleis again divided into video lessons. The site is hosted on vBulletin which enables the users to share their opinions and questions about that lesson below the video.

All the tutorials are videos and can viewed on Youtube.

This is an excellent site from a man who is living with forex trading and the lessons are easy to digest and very well presented.

This site is a must visit for those who want to learn forex trading.

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Youtube Link:

Other websites on this topic :

Investopedia - Click Here to see my Post about Invesopedia.

This site offers free download of their course and video:

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