Laptops attract our attention for thier portability but they attract thieves also with the same portability ! They are easy to steal, mostly by the people you know than you do not know. Finally you may find it on an on-line auction site for sale too... Its better to follow some security measures and prevent our other half of life from theft than repenting after losing it.

If you own a laptop, what security measures you should follow to prevent the theft of your laptop, the data and valuable information stored on that. Do you know, it is possible to recover the deleted data also from your hard drive? If your laptop falls in the hands of an unscrupulous expert of IT knowledge, you will risk losing your passwords of your paypal or stock trading accounts.

There are many things to know about the security of laptop right from its physical protection to protection of your data on it.

As I am thinking to buy a laptop during this month, I searched internet about the ways to protect my laptop from theft, I found, which has a very good article on guidelines of laptop security.

The article is divided into four sections - Basic security, physical security, protecting sensitive data and preventing theft. All the sections explain the importance of security and explains how to protect from theft like ysing steel cables, encryption of files, disabling of guest accounts etc.

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