Every body earns money but that's not all. One's prudence is shown in his investments. Well.. every body can not be a prudent investor. One needs a guide to know the ins and outs of investment. For those who need a guide, Forbes is running a website on investments - Investopedia.com.

I am not much into investment and neither am I a great investor. But after close examination of the site, i profoundly felt that it is very useful for all kinds of investors, new and expert investors as well. The site loads pretty fast. The interface is pleasing and neatly arranged. Menus are on the top of Title Banner. Search box, Sign in, Registration Button, Get Quote box are placed beside the Title Banner. On the Left side is the navigation pad with the same links of Menu bar. But I found the Menu bar was easy to use with drop down menus which allowed me click on the link I wanted to see. On the right side is Link for Term of the Day, which explains a financial term every day. Below is placed a cartoon on investment and other link boxes of the Special Features and Services of Investopedia. On the bottom of the page are links for other services and websites of Forbes.

This site has extensive content on investment, tutorials, articles, stock simulator, stock ideas etc. But to use some features you have to register with them. As a Registered Member you will have access to many of its services like free newsletters, stock simulator of different portfolios, you can ask them questions you want to know, etc. The tutorials are of course, free. The site also has material for CFA exam preparation. I found the community page to be very useful. It appeared that the community has great ideas and investment plans. The page shows top performers and the number of followers also.

No investment site is comeplete without most influencing thing, Market news. Investopedia provides the latest market news keeping the visitors abreast with the up to date changes.

This site is a feature packed and it is not possible to write about all of them here.

At this age of Investments, I feel Forbes is doing a great service with this site.

Go, be the prudent investor.

I give a big thumbs up to this site.

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