is perhaps the largest reference site one the web. This site has
many sections like, Almanacs, Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Atlas, etc.
Every effort is made to keep the information up to date. The site loads pretty fast.
The site does not look thoroughly professional and no chance has been left for
earning with ads on the pages, though it doesnt disturb navigation and use of the
site but at times you are compelled to scroll down too much.

The header has a search box to search the entire site or a particular section. Two
links on the header 'Sitemap' and 'FAQ' are not working. The menu bar on the top
and menu pad on the left are very handy to shift from one section to another. The
sections are very neatly arranged enabling easy access and search.

Every page displays links for related content on the site and some sponsored links. ( I just said
no chance was left to make money through ads ! ). Every page displays Tag
Cloud in a small box, Info please tools, Career Center and College Center. I was
pleased very much to find that The College Center box has links for searching for
free scholarships which will be helpful for poor students.

The site some games like sudoku, crossword etc for adults too.

The Information on the site is authentic, accurate and reliable : After all, this site is
owned by Pearson Education, which also owns big things like Financial Times
Group and Penguin Group.

The site has an encyclopedia too. Whatever information you need, you will
find it. The search works just like a commercial search engine. It displays the no.
of results, links to the content of the site for the search term. If you misspell a word,
it even suggests the right term. The site works in a professional way.
If you have school going kids, book mark it !

But remember, this site is no competition to Wiki has extremely
vast information - that is due to contributors worldwide. Infoplease seems to be
not stretching boundless.

Though this site is not a giant like Wiki, yet, this site is clearly a winner.

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