I posting a few nice pictures that I gathered from the net.

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Everyone loves comics, children and grown-ups as well. Children want to create comic characters and comic strips. Anyone can create a comic strips with Makebelliefscomix.com. Choose the character, emotion, write a dialogue. Thats it.
And here is the rest of it.

This site is flash based and may take a little time to load. Once it loads, you can work fast. Interface is
easy, even a small child can use it. There are fifteen pre-designed characters with four emotions each. When you Select a character you can see it in menu window. Click right or left arrow to change its emotion and click on it to see it on the panel strip. Choose talk or thought balloon and type what it says or thinks. You can change the panel to be two or three or four windowed. You can even change the background colors of the panels.

Your can move the characters, scale them, or flip them. The site lacks the feature of saving the comic strips. You can print or mail them to yourself or friends.

This is a very good site for children's activity including mentally challenged. Though the site looks simple, you can play with the site in many ways. Click 'How to play with Makebelifscomix.com' button to know how you can play with the site.

This is really a great site for kids to shut their mouths and stop annoying the parents :-)

Click Here to visit the site.

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Is your boss a jerk? A Yeller? a thrower of things? Are you struggling to cope up with him because your can't leave the job due to the economic depression? Here are some great tips by Tara Weiss, Forbes.com. This article was published by Yahoo.

This is a very good article. I give it a big thumbs up !

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Problogging by women

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Last night I was searching internet to find something interesting, I came across a website which was started for women. This site's mission is to help women to take blogging as their profession - problogging. HerProBlog.com. It quickly caught my attention as I am thinking to encourage my wife to take up blogging -definitely not as a pro - but as a hobby. I sifted through all the pages of herproblog.com and found that it is really helpful for women. The about page of herproblog.com says this :

"The number one goal of HerProBlog.COM is help women bloggers from all walks of life, all levels of blog publishing understanding, and desired income earning goals, create and maintain professional blogs. Whether your goal is to earn a respectable income through blogging or because of blogging, HerProBlog.COM is here to help."

Of course, this blog is helpful for men as well.

The site loads fast enough. It has a unique pleasing design. The Menu is below the header image and has drop-down list. A few of the topics covered are blogging basics, Discovery and reviews of blogs, fun, interviews, Motivation & Encouragement, Niche Blogging etc.

These topics have extensively researched articles by experienced authors. The site has seven authors and all are well established in their own niches of blogging.

The side bar is dedicated for Ads, Recent Comments and Recent Articles.

The top box below the menu scrolls the list of featured articles. Below this box are Other Recent Articles with the pic of the author and links to post pages.

The articles are authoritative, intuitive and written by pros who have seen ups and downs in becoming pro bloggers.

This is a great resource site for women and men as well who want to take up blogging as livelihood.

As I finished researching the site, I called my wife to show this site to her. She sat in my chair, started checking out the site. "yea, It is useful for me," she said and suddenly ran to the bed to lull my nine month-old son that was crying in sleep. "He won't let me do it", she smiled.

Click here to visit the website.

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Tube is thought to be the Nokia's answer to Apple's Iphone. And the photos and specifications are leaked ! Here are the pics !

The specifications are:

* Measurements: 111 × 52 × 14.5 mm, and weighs only 104 grams.
* 16 million color TFT LCD
* 640 × 360 pixel resolution
* 16:9 display mode
* Fifth edition of Symbian S60
* finger touch operation will provide vibration feedback function.
* 3.2 megapixel Carl Zeiss optical lens with autofocus
* Dual LED flash
* Built-in GPS
* 140 MB RAM
* GSM / GPRS / EDGE / WCDMA / HSDPA / WLAN wireless networking and Bluetooth technology.
* 3.5 mm Headset interface
* TV-out interface
* BL-5J 1150mah Battery

Though the specs are good, After seeing the pics, anyone can say that it is nowhere near Iphone.

Let's see what happens when the phone releases..

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