Everyone loves comics, children and grown-ups as well. Children want to create comic characters and comic strips. Anyone can create a comic strips with Makebelliefscomix.com. Choose the character, emotion, write a dialogue. Thats it.
And here is the rest of it.

This site is flash based and may take a little time to load. Once it loads, you can work fast. Interface is
easy, even a small child can use it. There are fifteen pre-designed characters with four emotions each. When you Select a character you can see it in menu window. Click right or left arrow to change its emotion and click on it to see it on the panel strip. Choose talk or thought balloon and type what it says or thinks. You can change the panel to be two or three or four windowed. You can even change the background colors of the panels.

Your can move the characters, scale them, or flip them. The site lacks the feature of saving the comic strips. You can print or mail them to yourself or friends.

This is a very good site for children's activity including mentally challenged. Though the site looks simple, you can play with the site in many ways. Click 'How to play with Makebelifscomix.com' button to know how you can play with the site.

This is really a great site for kids to shut their mouths and stop annoying the parents :-)

Click Here to visit the site.