Parenting is the toughest thing to do. Because, parenting shapes kids'habits, personality, opinions, attitudes - a whole human being. This is the only issue where every parent looks out for a piece of advice from another parent and is believed upon at times more than a doctor's advice. is one website where you get advice on parenting for all age kids on every parenting problem under the sun. The best thing about this website is that this site does not offer any advice of its own but has advice of hundreds of parents on different sections of the site. You can Read Advice, Write Advice, you can ask a question or answer a question by another parent. To
write an advice, you need to register for free.

The website reminds me of Yahoo answers but it is more than that. The website contains more than 6000 articles about parenting. The Q & A section has countless questions and answers on parenting issues of all ages. This is the key section for the site. It has advice offerred by many parents on every parenting problem.

The webstie has groups which are started by members. Most of the groups are public and for members of all countries. Activities page lists out recent activity by the members in chronological order.

The website does not have categories which makes it a little difficult to search for advice. But it has Tag Cloud called as popular categories. But I found that many members are not tagging their questions so some questions may miss attention they deserve. is a website which resembles yahoo answers and parenting forum but it is much more than a forum. Members contribute content on the website. Its a website which is powered by parents, truely as the tag line of the website says. This site is must visit for any parent, 'cause parenting needs advice and provides it.

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