Top 10 lists attract us easily. Beause we want to know who is topping the list and who is following. Whatever is the subject. Be it Films, music, places to visit etc. List Universe is a web site has many such lists. List universe gives us the lists of very iteresting things like Top 10 common errors in cooking, top 15 psychological thrillers, 15 amazing facts about India, 9 extraordinary human abilities, top 10 bizarre patents, etc.

This site has a great collection of lists of wide range of topics. The site loads very fast, easy to navigate with a menu bar below the header. The website publishes the lists submitted by users also. You need to register for placing your comments and submitting the lists.

The website has hotlinks page which is updated throughout the day with cool interesting links. There is a forum for the users to discuss these hotlinks and other interesting things. The forum has 300 users. You can suggest a topic for preparing the list also.

This is a cool site to hang around and know something.

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