Forex Trading is where one can make a fortune if he invests wisely. But how will one know to invest wisely? It needs lot of insight into the market trends and changes. If you want to learn by experience, you will definitely loose money.

The best way to learn the tactics of forex trading is to take a free online course. There are many websites that offer online training course in forex trading for a fees ranging from small to hefty fees. But there are also many websites that offer free forext trading courses and they are no meaner than the paid ones. is one website which offers excellent training on forex trading for free. The website is hosted by Dave waring who has been working in for several years.

The courses are divided into 7 categories as David's Courses, Trading Basics, Technical Analysis, fundaental Analysis, Forex Trading, Chart Patterns, Futures & Options and Trading Software. Each course is again divided into modules. Each moduleis again divided into video lessons. The site is hosted on vBulletin which enables the users to share their opinions and questions about that lesson below the video.

All the tutorials are videos and can viewed on Youtube.

This is an excellent site from a man who is living with forex trading and the lessons are easy to digest and very well presented.

This site is a must visit for those who want to learn forex trading.

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