Let me first thank my readers for visiting my blog. I would like to put forth a proposal about revamping my blog. My favourite is to share the websites I found on internet with my readers and my blog name partly justifies that truly. So the Websites section will remain as it is now. In fact that is the section which is getting me some readers too.

Internet has many things on it apart from wallpapers and videos. I want to remove these two sections from my blog and introduce some other sections in place of them. I have been very seriously thinking about it for the past few days.

But I thought it is not right for me to take the decision myself coz I am not writing this blog for myself. This is for my readers ! They are very important for me. So the right thing for me is to take the opinion of my readers before I actually decide on what sections to be introduced in stead of wallpapers and videos.

My vague idea is to introduce Tech News and news about Mobiles and their applications. I have not yet decided.

If you have any suggestions, please do so by leaving a comment or by mailing me. My email is at my Contact Page.

I will finally decide only after seeing your replies. The blog will run with the present sections until final decision is taken.

Please respond.