Fake Photo

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See this photo - You will like it. But there is a controversy around this photo. One person on the Webshots message board said this :

What a wonderful blend of colours and God's creation. At the present time I live in Beijing and in the smog I often look at this picture and remember how beautiful the world can be.

Ralph Nordstrom writes:

This photograph is not possible. First of all, I have photographed at this same location in the Tetons. It's the famous Ox Bow bend in the river and I can vouch for the fact that there are no wildflowers growing anywhere around there, especially in such profusion. Second, the wildflowers' presented here are anything but wildflowers. Rather, they are a photograph from a lush domestic garden superimposed on the otherwise beautiful photograph of Mt. Moran and the river.

Source J-walk Blog.

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