Google is an internet giant. Every one knows that. But many people do not know that how it has shaped its success sometimes through drastic failures. There are many projects that Google has failed at drastically and shelved even after putting a huge amount of effort and money into it. Google introduced some silly concepts like dialling a number to search, Google Coupons which were never found on their maps etc. Google Answers could not compete with its rival Yahoo because you have to pay to get the answer for your question. But Yahoo depended on its community and it is a success, though it is poorly organized. Google Catalogs is another failure service which has prices of two to three years old. There are some other products which were not successful but Google has learned a lot and has seen tremendous success. To know more about Google failures, see the link below.

Google's Failures

Other services which are live and may be interesting to you:

Google Trends : Displays top searches on Google. Updated hourly.

Google Books
: Browse books

Google Toolbar: A tool bar with search box, pop-upblocker,form filler, etc.

Google Sketchup: 3D modelling software to create, modify and share 3D models.

Desktop Gadgets: Download many gadgets for your Desktop.