is a website that is trying to inform the people of the true economic situation of the US to the people. This site covers many aspects of the US economy like Oil,America's Economic Recession, industries, Banking, Jobs, latest economic news etc. This site has wonderful posts on solutions to America's Economic Problems, Six economic questions the Presidential Candidates must answer, Living in Debt, why America should get out of WTO etc.

The site loads pretty fast. Interface is very neat, professional and attractive. The site has very good articles which run across 30 pages of index. It predicts that Oil price may reach $200 / bl. The site has Economic Videos also. The site puts some interesting questions to the Presidential Candidates which were infact asked before March 4 Primaries in Ohio and texas. They include WTO, living on unaffordable imports and debt. The site also discusses current hot issues like NAFTA, Air Force Airbus Deal, Recession 2008, etc. The analysis is very good and makes us contemplating.

What attracted me is the site has a forum to discuss issues of economy, policies, solutions, personal wealth protection etc. The subjects are again divided into several topics providing an opportunity for the readers to participate in the discussion. One can post his opinion as a guest also, without registering. Another section called Get Involved lists out several things to spread the awareness like emailing or calling congresspersons, telling friends etc. Frequent Questions section answers some questions relating to GDP, Trade Deficit, Networth etc. The site contains links to other economic analysis, debt management, subprime/housing websites also.

The site is interesting, brings several facts to our attention. This is an endeavour to spread the truth on US economy.

I give a big thumbs up for the site.

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