Google is the omni present search engine now a days. Every body 'googles' for whatever information one wants to search over the internet. But many people do not how to get their information exactly in just one or two searches. They play around with words and phrases and manage to get the information, unless they are somewhat experienced.

It is very necessary to know some techniques to search google to get exact results without wasting your time. For that, at least to some extent, it is necessary to know how our searches are interpreted by google how it returns results for our search terms. When you understand this, you will know how to search without using many words in the search box by using some operators or special characters.

If you search for "Child bicycle helmet", google finds the pages containing wordsthat are similar to child. Children, children's, bicycle, bicycles etc. This is called
Stemming technique by google which means stem or root of the word that can have multiple endings. If you want your search to be more accurate, use " + " before the search term.

Remember, google cannot search synonymous words. If your search term includes " child ", google will not return results for " kids ". If you want google to search synonyms also, use ' ~ ' [ tilde ] : ~children . Use * [asterisk] to match one or more words in a phrase. For example if you type [google * my life] in the search box, it finds pages containing a phrase that starts with 'google' followed by one or more words, forllowed by 'my life' and returns resutls like 'google changed my life', 'google runs my life'.

Such are the search techniques described at This website is a very good resource for those who want to know how to search effectively and narrowedly. This site very useful for novices as well as experts of google users. The site three sections : Novices, Experts and Teens.

This site not only teaches techniques but has some exercises for practice also. The site also tells you how to submit your site to google if you have one. There are suggestions to enhance the page rank of your website. Although the website was last updated long back, it is a very useful website for those who want to know how to use google to get best results. Interface of the website is very simple does not look like a commercial website. The pages load fast. Menu pad is always availabe and makes the navigation easy.

The website has concentrated more on Google Search. But I feel it had some sections about other services that Google offers like Googlepages, Google Print and Google Docs, if not at great length, a brief description would be sufficient.

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