Eco-friendly Wedding

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Wedding is an occasion where one shows off his money, status and grandeur. But can you do it without harming the ecology? What are the ways to celebrate a wedding in an eco-friendly way without compromising the look of lavishness and grandeur? shows you the way. Do you drive many of your guests to the marriage venue at the cost of fuel and causing pollution? Minimize the number of guests to drive and you are doing great service to the environment ! Such are the tips to folow to make a wedding eco-friendly. After all, what is the best occasion to sensitize people about eco-friendliness and to declare proudly that you care for the environment ?

This site tells you how to print eco-friendly invitations. Wonder what else is green friendly in a wedding? This site tells you what kind of wedding gowns are green friendly. The site also tell you how to buy eco-friendly wedding rings, wedding flowers, wedding attire,centerpieces, etc. Every section has some links to the sites that sell eco-friendly articles.

The site has a blog where you will find links for all the eco-friendly wedding articles with a preview picture and brief description. The blog is updated regularly, once a week. The blog also has links to other eco-friendly wedding sites.

The site also has a forum. There are more than 3000 registered users where discussions take place about green weddings. Though the forums posts are not very recent, it has some useful information for ecology minded brides and grooms.

The site is simple but very good looking. It has pictures of wedding rings, gowns etc. The pages are not lengthy and make it easier for scrolling. The menu on the left pane is always visible and makes the navigation easy and the pages load fast.

This is a light site and doesnt take much band width. Interface is pleasing. All the links I checked from this site are working. No dead links !

The site is runing a free newsletter. Also features magazines and books that tell you more about green wedding.

I am very happy that this simple looking site is contributing so much for the greenness of the world. I give it all thums up !

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