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Welcome to blog4net !

This blog is dedicated to the Internet and its users !

I have been a blogger but I never took it seriously coz none of them gave me pure satisfaction of blogging as they were not dedicated to a certain subject.

I spent many days thinking about a subject for blogging. It should not take much of my time researching and updating the blog. I don't want it to take away the time I spend with my family.

I always feel like browsing and know what is out there on Internet. Whenever I come across an interesting site I call my close friends and tell them about it. Of course, its not me alone that does it, every one of us does it. One day my friend called me and told me to visit a website which he found interesting. While visiting the website it suddenly occurred to me, why shouldn't I do the same thing over a blog?

I felt it is very interesting. And here's this blog.

I am sure this blog is not unique. There may be thousands of blogs and websites that do the same thing and may be with some added features and services.

But here, i just share the websites that I come across and just discuss it. My intention is not to review the websites or rate them.

Hope you will find my blog interesting. Do visit everyday to find new websites discussed here.

Thank you for visiting !