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We are living through a time of religious and cultural clashes, between Christian - Muslm, Hindu - Muslim, between other religions and races across the globe. This is a time when religious tolerance is the dire need and makes a big difference for world peace. I found a web site which is contributing its mite to promote religious tolerance. is a website of religion, myth and secret societies. This site has a collection of articles spread across over 5000 pages with an average of 18000 daily visitors.
The opening page asks you to choose between Espanol and English languages and the Section you would like to view - Religion or Science. Whichever section you chose, the other section is also available always in the menupad. The home page has some news links of archeology, physics, Iraq war, etc. The site is divided into 2 important sections : Religon Section and Science Section. The Religion Section has links to articles on World Religions, Ancient Religions, Secret Societies, Extremism etc. The Science section has links to articles on Archeology, Astronomy, Health, Physics etc.

The religion section has many articles on many of the religions in the world. The articles contain the links of the websites from where they were collected. Though I cannot say that the articles are authoritative, but I can say, they will certainly enrich our understanding of the religions. Relevant bibliography and links to other useful websites are also provided at the end of the articles. This section has links to scriptures of various religions but only the opening page was placed for some religions rather than the whole scripture. The Bible is the exception.

The Section Ancient Religions too has an exhaustive collection of articles about ancient religions and myths categorised region wise like Africa, Australia and Newzealand etc. You will find articles about Maori, Dogon Theory, Hurriyan Mythology, Zapotec religion, Baltic Religion, Greek and Roman gods, Greek mythology, etc.

The Secret Societies section has a big collection of articles about various secret societies, conspiracy articles, conspiracy articles about CIA's opoerations, conspiracies of Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

The other sections with a big number of articles are The Esoteric, The Paranormal, The Extremism and New Religious Groups.

The Science sections has articles about Archeology, Astronomy, Health, Physics, Psychiatry, Neurology etc. The collectnd very informative. The Health Section has articles about wide range of topics from Obesity to HIV/ AIDS.

Only a few articles are by the admin. The site does not give you exhaustive knowledge but it will definitely help understanding certain things better.

The site is neat and well organized. Site Map is there to help your navigation. The articles open in the same window. But I advise to open in new tab to avoid confusion in navigation. The site loads fairly fast as most of the page content is text. The articles are updated regularly and feature some most recent ones. Use Google Search box to find the subject of your interest easily. Interface of the site is neat and the menupads are always available which make it easy to jump to far off sections of the site. Ads are minimal which makes it easy to find your article.

The site is well administered even though the admin is sufferring a vision problem.

I give the site a thums up.

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