Mr. Picasso Head

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Wanted to create carricatures but dont know drawing ? is a web site which lets you create carricatures without any effort. Home page is a simple splash page. If you want to create a carricature, click 'play'. It will take you to a small page which shows a canvas on the right side and on the left are ooptions to chose faces and other parts of the face. Click on a feature, for ex. eyes, it shows 9 kinds of eye expressions. Simply drag different features to the canvas and your carricature is ready. You can color the objects, resize, rotate, flip and you can even delete the parts of your art. Don't forget to add your signature at the bottom ! You can save it or mail to your friends. when done, you can draw another piece of art again. The Gallery section has a collection of drawings by visitors. You can search by artist's name or by the number of the painting if you know. You can even mail it to your own email or to your friends'. This site is developed by Ruder Finn. A nice site to enjoy by drawing.

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