Junk has become unwanted part of our lives. Junk calls, junk mails, junk faxes, web ads, etc. We are forced to fight for junk-free life - Life free of these frustrating, distracting elements. But it is not always easy to stay away those things. One has to know what to do to get rid of these junks.

Junkbusters.com shows you the right ways to fight these junks. The site has step by step guides to fight various unwanted things.

The site opens very fast thanks to its simple interface without pictures and graphics. Below the header button are the links of Telemarketing, Spam, Junk Faxes, Data about You etc. On clicking the links you are taken to the page where, you will be given a little bit of introduction
where necessary and the ways to get rid of the junk are listed out. These steps have integrated links for the websites like Statutory Powers, Federal Law etc.

This site shows the best way to fight many unwanted things like telemarketing calls, browse internet without ads. It shows you how to protect the data about you. Apart from its own guide, it has links to external resources on getting rid of the junk. The resources are at Links page, which, according to New Scientist has "more information than you could ever need".

The site design is very simple and has no 'junk' on any page ! Its all information. There is nothing except text anywhere on the site. This site is doing a great job in fighting and getting rid of junks from our lives.

I give it a big thumbs !

Click here to visit the site : junkbusters.com