Marketing is a hot topic now a days. Everybody wants to learn it and master it. OK. What is the best site to learn marketing?

I am going to tell you about one site which is one of the best in Marketing Resources on the Internet. It teaches you right from the root level - what is marketing? - to - Becoming a successful marketer. is a very good marketing resource site with wonderful tutorials for both a beginner as well as an expert. The tutorials teach you basics of marketing, how to plan your marketing to targetted customers, Internet marketing, choosing the best product to market, promoting your product etc.

The site opens pretty faster. The opening page is divided into three columns: The left pane has the Categories of turorials for quick access. This pane is always available in other pages also for quick jumping to other topics. The centre pane has links to Principles of Marketing Tutorials and the right pane has Marketing Stories collected from leading publications and Internet News sites. You can search for a topic through a google search box which is above these three panes. On the top right hand side of the page is the link for Virtual Library.

When you click a link in the Principles of Marketing, it takes you to the turorial page. The language of the tutorials is very lucid. The tutorials are divided into chapters. There is a link box of various chapters for quick access.

The right pane has google ads. The site is a non-profit site but recently they inserted google ads to meet the costs of hosting. The site has job search too, with which you can search for marketing jobs online.

The site has exhaustive material on choosing a product, Pricing, Distribution, Advertising, Planning and Strategy to promote your product etc. which will surely refine your marketing skills.

The Editor of the site is Paul Christ, Professor of Marketing and Director MBA of WestChester University. He is doing a great job through this site for marketing enthusiasts. claims to be referred by hundreds of universities and colleges.

The site has a blog and is updated almost every week with site news. RSS feeds are available if you want to keep in touch with the site.

This site, no doubt, is one of the best marketing resource sites on internet. I give it a big thumbs up.

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